Fusion research is an urgent and important goal for the international scientific community. 

In fact, the contribution of fusion energy to the basket of "clean" energies is necessary to prevent the risks of irreversible change in the earth's climate.

Furthermore, the availability of energy for marginalized and undeveloped countries is an ethical imperative as it pertains to the basic rights to life, health and education.

Still the energy for the most developed countries is also an instrument of wellness and the wellness, thought not as luxury, but as greater life expectancy, schooling and comfort or the factors that determine prosperity and social rights, must be maintained and extended geographically on the planet and the support of a sustainable energy source is a primary good for this enjoyment.

Fusion fuel is widespread, and its use is environmentally friendly. Water (in modest quantities) and lithium to extract the fuel for the nuclear fusion reactor are present throughout the earth's crust, so we will be able to build our plants more or less everywhere and the social impact will be really important.