The DTT Consortium is made up of 11 members; the list includes the main Italian public scientific research institutions, the Research Consortia involved in fusion research, some prestigious universities and the most important Italian energy company, with a wide international presence.

The members of the DTT Consortium, with their respective date of entry, are:

The two consortia (CREATE and Consortium RFX) include important Italian universities (University of Naples, Padua, Salerno and many others) and Ansaldo Nucleare, an Italian Company and an international leader in fusion technologies.

The construction costs amount to 614M euro and are secured by ENEA through specific agreements with the Ministry of University and Research and the Ministry for Ecologic Transition, with Regione Lazio and with the EUROfusion Consortium plus a loan from the European Investment Bank. ENEA will remain the final owner of the facility. Operating costs (mainly for the design of the components) amount to 130 Meuro and are provided pro rata by all the Consortium members

The DTT consortium is an example of convergence and coordination of the entire Italian technical-scientific community sharing the aim of realizing a very ambitious and demanding project.