DTT Research Plan

The DTT Research Plan is the result of the contributions of 100 scientists, belonging to 20 research institutes from 10 different countries. It is organised in nine chapters and nine technical appendices. The document describes the objectives and research strategy of the Divertor Tokamak Test (DTT) experiment, culminating in a set of programmatic headlines. The DTT Resarch Plan is a living document, which will be regularly updated during the DTT construction phase and which will constitute the basis for the construction of the DTT scientific programme and of subsequent device upgrades.

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The DTT Research Plan (DTT-RP) is a document designed to evolve along the years to best prepare for the exploitation of the machine. It is being prepared by 6 topical groups that involve scientists from several European laboratories

EG-1: DTT scientific exploitation strategy                                                          

EG-2: Divertor and SOL physics                                                                              

EG-3: Plasma scenarios and associated modelling                                                       

 EG-4: Heating, current drive and fuelling                                                           

EG-5: MHD and fast particles, theory

EG-6: Fusion technology developments

A first draft of the Research Plan is foreseen to be produced by the end of 2023, as a result of the contributions from about one hundred EUROfusion scientists. The first release of the DTT-RP will tackle the Commissioning Phase, the Short-Term Program and Long-Term Program. 

During the first years, DTT is designed to operate at reduced plasma current and with up to about half of the external additional power, but with the possibility to test a number of different divertor test modules. On the long term, the nominal heating will be fully achieved and the fully experimental performance will be available, to analyze effective solution for the DEMO and other possible Tokamak divertors.

The programming of the scientific activity of the DTT is summarized in the Operational Program reported below