DTT is a stimulated gym for students and young researchers and, in addition, an open space for discussions among scientists and teachers from both school and university

 The global scientific community works together with the aim of reaching the target as soon as possible of giving to the society the opportunity to exploit nuclear fusion reactions to obtain energy to be fed into the network and that guarantees the protection of the environment, safety and sustainability .

In this context, the Divertor Tokamak Test project was born and he applied to solve one of the main problems for the construction of the first reactor prototype: the disposal of residual heat after exploitation for energy production.

The idea of the project was born in Italy and takes advantage of the support of the national community of researchers in the sector, but it is internationally renowned as expectations and tests flexibility.

However, among the main priorities of DTT's mission, the objective of training aimed at every school level is important, since the interest in such an important issue as energy requirements, environment, safety and sustainability is transversal by age to all school areas.


Deuterium-Tritium nuclear fusion reaction


All the nuclear fusion projects to date have been leading up to a point where a tokamak reactor can be connected to heat exchangers, turbines and ultimately to the electricity distribution system.