Energy demand will more than double by 2050 as a combined effect of expected population growth and per capita energy consumption in developing countries.

In this perspective, the solution to the energy problem can only come from a portfolio of possibilities that enhance renewable energies as well as improvements in energy efficiency and in the control of carbon emissions.

In this scenario, the production of energy by fusion of nuclei is a candidate to complete the supply obtained from renewables to meet global needs.

This is the great challenge of nuclear fusion research that today involves the best laboratories around the world.

The perspective of exploiting the energy produced with this technique contains the precious characteristics of safety, environmental and social impact and sustainability, which constitute one of the most important challenges and dreams of our time.

Fusion is the physical mechanism that feeds the stars, our ambition is to reproduce it on earth.

The goal is to be able to exploit the huge amount of energy released in nuclear fusion reactions, in which nuclei of light atoms (hydrogen isotopes) melt to generate heavier nuclei.


A source of sustainable energy for the future of the planet


Renewable energy sources