In the tenth episode of The Factory of the Stars Piero Martin goes back to the coffee bar where Ilaria works and asks for her help to explain how Iter's beam injector works. This time starting from… a cappuccino! Piero explains that the particle injector that is used to heat the plasma can be compared to the froth vapour nozzle of an espresso coffee machine that is used to prepare a cappuccino by injecting ... water vapor into the milk. In the Neutral beam test facility (Nbtf) At the Consorzio Rfx laboratories scientists are building a 1:1 prototype of the Iter neutral particles injection system. The system will accelerate ions thanks to a potential difference of one million volts. Ions will then be neutralized and enter the plasma. Once inside they will release their energy to the plasma and contribute to raise its temperature up to 150 million degrees. The prototype under construction at Consorzio Rfx in Padova is a high-tech experiment. The first part of the project has already been inaugurated: it is the ions source, Spider, which is already producing interesting results. In 2023 Mitica, the second main part of the Nbtf, will be operational: Mitica is the 1:1 prototype of the Iter future particle accelerator. Hopefully the whole experiment will contribute to Iter high performance experiments which are planned to start around 2035. 

Project manager: Francesco Suman Shooting and editing by Elisa Speronello Subs: Anna Bellettato Location: Consorzio RFX, Padua