Nov 2012

EFDA publishes “Fusion Electricity – A roadmap to the realisation of fusion energy”, which sets out a strategic vision toward the generation of electrical power by a Demonstration Fusion Power Plant (DEMO)

Dec 2013

The activities of Work Package WPDTT2 (Definition and Design of the Divertor Tokamak Test Facility) start in the framework of EU Fusion Roadmap Mission 2: “Heat-exhaust systems

July 2015

ENEA publishes “DTT Divertor Tokamak Test Facility. Project Proposal” (“Blue Book”)

Apr 2017

MISE (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico – Italian Ministry of Economic Development) and MIUR (Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca - Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research), allocate a financial contribution of 80 M€ for the DTT Project

June 2017

The conclusion of EUROfusion DTT Workshop held in Frascati is that the design of a DTT facility should offer sufficient flexibility to be able to incorporate the best candidate divertor concept (e.g. conventional, snowflake, super-X, double null, liquid limiter) even at a later stage of its realization

July 2017

An interim DTT Project Board is nominated and an interim DTT Team is established

Oct 2017

The DTT Team prepares a feasibility study focusing on flexibility, up-down symmetry, and additional power specifications

Oct 2017

On the basis of the feasibility study submitted by the DTT Team, the General Assembly of EUROfusion approves the principle of involvement of EUROfusion in the DTT facility around 2022-23, within a ceiling of 60 M€ for the divertor system

Nov 2017

Fusion Engineering and Design publishes a special issue on DTT

Dec 2017

The activities of Work Package WPDTT2 come to the end, since DTT becomes an Italian project supported by EUROfusion

Mar 2018

Frascati hosts the first national workshop on DTT Physics (“Prima riunione nazionale sulla fisica del DTT”)

Apr 2018

The General Assembly of EUROfusion decides that 60 M€ should be earmarked for DTT in FP9, delaying the decision on the most appropriate involvement of EUROfusion around 2022-2023, when EUROfusion will be able to propose a divertor to be tested or the DTT plant will be at a stage with a low risk to non-completion.

Apr 2018

Frascati is selected as DTT site among 9 proposals, as a result of a Call for Interest addressed to the Italian Regions

July 2018

The 1st Design Review Meeting is held in Frascati, focusing on major DTT components

Mar 2019

The 2nd Design Review Meeting is held in Frascati, convened to consolidate the status and highlight the critical issues of the DTT design with particular regard to the preparation of the Interim Design Report

Apr 2019

ENEA publishes “DTT - Divertor Tokamak Test facility – Interim Design Report” (“Green Book”)

June 2019

The 3rd Design Review Meeting is held in Frascati, focused on the TF coil system

June 2019

EFSI portfolio guarantee for 250 M€ European Investment Bank loan is available

Aug 2019

The Superconducting strand contract is awarded

Sept 2019

The DTT Consortium is established with the first two partners: ENEA and Consortium CREATE.

Oct 2019

The 4th Design Review Meeting is held in Padua, focused on DTT diagnostics

Nov 2019

The 5th Design Review Meeting is held in Frascati, focused on the DTT layout and remote handling system

Nov 2019

The 5th Design Review Meeting is held in Frascati, focused on the DTT layout and remote handling system

February 2020

The new partner ENI joins DTT Consortium.

April 2021

The new partners Consortium RFX, INFN, Politecnico di Torino, University of Milano-Bicocca, Università di Roma Tor-Vergata, University of Tuscia join  DTT Consortium

December 2021

The new partner Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche joins DTT Consortium.


A large part of the basic machine is expected to be completed (6 TFCs, 3 VV sectors, cryostat base, main hall, ...)

The decision on divertor configuration is expected from EUROfusion (PEX)


This period is dedicated to the assembly and commissioning phase


The first experimental plasma is expected (Btor=3T, Ip=2 MA)


This period is dedicated to the first operation phase

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